Rules and Hints

We have a number of competitions throughout the year.

The themes are decided at the beginning of the club’s year.

For each competition we have  colour and 1 black and white/sepia entry per member.

Only paid up members may enter competitions.

The same image cannot be used for both categories, and no photo can be entered more than once.

All photos are expected to be no older than 12 months. If they are out of date, your entries may be refused entry into the competition.

Each image is Jpeg format no smaller than 1 MB and no larger than 10MB. If your images are not the correct size, you will be advised and you will have the  opportunity to resubmit your entries.

The photos are to be emailed to the club email address  and the file name should be your caption without your name. For example, if you are entering  “lovely cakes” in the “Good enough to eat” competition the file name should be  “lovely cakes”. The image should be sent as an attachment to the email, not  embedded within the email.

You will be emailed to acknowledge receipt of your entries.

The photos are to be emailed 2 weeks and one day before the competition by 10pm.

It is advised that images have no watermarks or text on them, as this may be marked down by the judge.

Photograph of the Year

 All 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed photographs in both colour and black and white/sepia competitions will be eligible for the ‘Photograph of the Year’ competition.

Winners should ensure that the relevant photographs (if printed) are returned or made available for the December meeting when they will all be judged to find the winning Photograph of the Year by an independent judge.


Does the composition lead the eye to the main subject?  While generally you might expect lead in lines to the main subject, nevertheless, the lines might not be as expected, and indeed they could be suggestive or even non-existent.

Is the image balanced, does it fill the frame, has it been cropped appropriately?  There are different forms of “balance”, it can include colour, shape or size or a combination of these. 

Did the photographer use the best angle or other interesting perspective?

Are there any distractions in the image?

Is the “Rule of Thirds”, used appropriately? 

Careful however for this is not a rule written in stone and indeed some of the best images don’t follow the “rules” at all!

 Photo consent rules to be incorporated in addition to the main club rules 

All entries must be the original work of the entrant, that they own the copyright and that they do not infringe the copyright or other rights of any other party or any laws.  

Entrants will retain copyright and moral rights in the photographs that they submit. By entering the competition all entrants: 

Grant Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club the non-exclusive right to use the photographs to promote the competition they were submitted for, including reproducing the photographs on Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club’s digital channels (website, Facebook or other social media – with credit)  

Agree that the use referred to above may include publishing, displaying or otherwise reproducing the photographs (whether on the internet, local press, exhibitions or otherwise) provided such use is for the purposes of promoting the club interests.


Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club will ensure that the photographer will always be credited whenever his or her images is used or published by Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club. 

Winners may be required to take part in publicity and their name may be published on the Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club website and Corley & Fillongley Photographic Club publications. 

The member can choose to withdraw their consent for the club to use their photos for promotional purposes, by writing to any committee member.  This would not preclude the member from giving consent to the use of a photo on a one off basis again in writing to any committee member.