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We are a well-established photography club with a group of very enthusiastic people who have an interest in photography at all levels and disciplines.

We are a friendly club where our members attend our meetings in the knowledge that it is a place to meet and exchange knowledge that we all have, regardless of our level of expertise.

We want everyone to feel welcome at our meetings and will encourage members to contribute in any way they can. Participation is key to the success of our club.



We meet on the first Monday of every month throughout the year.

In addition, between April and September we also meet on the third Monday of these six months.

In total, there are 18 meetings throughout the year.


We try to make the meetings varied in nature as follows.

1 Competitions- we normally have 6 competitions throughout the year.

The subjects vary and we encourage members to take part.

We have external judges who provide valuable critique of the photos. Most members find this feedback very useful in trying to improve their own photography.

2 Workshops- these are the opportunity for our members to bring their cameras and practise their skills. Because of the light evenings we are able to photograph both indoors and outdoors.

The subject matter varies but has included macro, exotic animals, birds of prey, dogs, models as well as dancers.

3 External speakers- we invite a number of external speakers. The subjects vary but have included landscapes, portraiture, travel, large animals (tigers, lions, etc) as well as high speed action.

We regularly ask our members what they would like and vary the programme accordingly.



We welcome new members so if you want to come along and meet us please complete the form on the Contact Us Page